Welcome to my land of culinary wonder and passion!  My goal is to share my love of food and specifically BBQ with you and your friends.  Whether you want to cook or enjoy the stories, you are welcome here! Share these pages with them and give me feedback!

Food is part love, science and art, all wrapped into a nice package of daily need.  We all need to express love in our own ways, mine is by cooking for friends and family.  Although not a trained professional chef, I come from a line of restaurateurs and experienced many different cuisines growing up around the world and U.S..

I spent my early life working in front and back of the house positions in many restaurants for 11 years before becoming a corporate guy.  Cooking is a passion that allows me to share love on a daily basis.  It is necessary to eat, so why not do it well and always learn better methods, recipes or techniques?  It is a lifelong skill that always pays off!

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