Ketofish Wit Lazzy Étouffée

When you do Keto, there are many times you need to emulate comfort food.  What’s better than a nice Cajun Blackened Seasoned Catfish topped with a creamy Étouffée?? Probably nothing!  

In my search to stay Keto but have the luxurious mouth feel of an Étouffée, I created this dish.  As long as you don’t add a lot of wine, you will be in line with Keto guidelines!

For 3-5 lb Catfish fillets

Cajun Seasoning:
2Tbsp Old Bay Seasoning
1 Tsp each: Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Dry Thyme, Dry Oregano, Black Pepper
2 Tsp Sweet or Smoked Paprika

Lazzy Étouffée

1/2 lb Small Shrimp
1/4 each: Red,Yellow,Green Bell Peppers diced
1 Onion-diced 
2 Stalks Celery-diced
2 Stalks Green Onion-sliced
2 slices smoked Bacon-Diced
1/2 Smoked Sausage-Diced
2-4 Cups Heavy Cream
1/4 Cup White Wine
1/4 Cup grated Parmesan 
3 Cloves Garlic thinly sliced


In a cast iron skillet, brown bacon till crisp and remove bacon.  Use drippings+ a Tbsp of butter or oil and sauté shrimp(season with Cajun seasoning) till done.  Remove shrimp and set aside.

In same warm skillet, sauté sausage till brown, remove and set aside.

Now, add all peppers and aromatics with a little more butter and sauté until translucent and you can smell garlic. Season as you cook.

Add wine to deglaze the skillet and allow to evaporate.

Add shrimp, sausage and bacon back to the skillet.  Add heavy cream and bring to a simmer and turn down to a slow bubble.  Add Parmesan cheese and stir in.  Allow to simmer until thick.  Add green onion shortly before using to top your fish! Hit with some Cajun seasoning to taste. 

Pre season fillets with kosher salt in each side.  Allow to penetrate for 15-20 min.  Season both sides with Cajun seasoning.

In a preheated skillet (350-400°) add oil and butter.  Swirl. When butter moisture has stopped bubbling, add 2 fillets to the skillet.  Cook on each side for at least 2 minutes or until a nice crust develops.  I cooked my fillets to about 150°

Once all fillets are cooked, top with Lazzy Étouffée!! Scrumptious!

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