Where’s the Picanha?

I recently went to my local Latin Meat Market on the search for Picanha. Through much hand gesturing, motions and making embarrassing noises of a steer, as well as pointing to my rump, I was able to explain what I wanted! I emerged from the market with a small bit of dignity and a large piece of beef that I was determined contained what I needed-it was the elusive, Sirloin Cap/Sub-Primal cut.

The key to a nice Brazilian Picanha is finding the Sirloin with the fat cap still attached. When cooking this cut over an open flame, the fat melts and adds moisture and flavor to the meat as it’s seared with nothing more than rock salt. It is a hard cut to find in the typical grocery. For this day, my friends it was a score!

My next goal after walking out with this 12 lb. hunk of meat, was to learn, on the fly, how to dissect it and get the triangular Picanha, as well as some nice Sirloin steaks.

This video shows you exactly how I did it! This saves you some $ per lb., and gets some nice flavorful cuts for grilling or to grind! Don’t be intimidated by large cuts. Have a good sharp meat/Chef knife and vacuum sealer and you are in business.

I ended up with about 3 lb. of trimmings for grinding and about 7 lb. of steaks.

Take a look!


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